Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Soldiers help shelter elderly on wheelchair from the rain

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The photo showing soldiers helping a wheelchair bound elderly woman has gone viral.
Even Acting Minister for Manpower Tan Chuan–Jin reposted it on his Facebook page with these comments:

“Heart. Home. Hope. Not 60% or 40% but totally and 100% Singaporean.”

The photo was first posted on the Facebook page of Dignity Kitchen, Singapore’s first hawker training school for the disabled and disadvantaged.

The caption read: “A show of compassion! Three army boys from Kaki Bukit Camp assisting the elderly to their bus in the pouring rain without hesitation.”

Within six hours, the photo garnered close to 3,000 ‘likes’ and was shared by some 500 Facebook users.

Many of those who commented said they were proud of the men in the photo.

Dignity Kitchen’s operations manager Yeo Hiok Keat had posted the photo this morning.

He told inSing News that two foreign companies were holding a function to provide lunch for the elderly at Dignity Kitchen, located at TechView Building at Kaki Bukit View, on 13 October.

There was a heavy downpour after lunch, and two employees from the companies were attempting to carry the elderly woman in the wheelchair to the bus stop beside the building. Yeo said there were three soldiers who happened to be near the building as they were returning home after attending a course at Kaki Bukit camp.

The three soldiers walked over and volunteered to help.

“I was surprised and I want to commend them for their help,” said Yeo who added that he didn’t expect his photo to be shared by so many Facebook users.

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